Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spectres of Together

At day's end, when slumber calls, so too your body beckons me: softly, urgently.

I muse of whispering caresses and pine for the feel of your limbs entwined about my body.
Memories of your skin, sleek and fragrant against my own, linger, wraith-like.

In semi-conscious reverie,
My mouth traces your placid peaks and tender valleys,
Kissing your lips and your lips.

As the honeybee seeks nectar from the demure rose,
I also delve between velvety petals, foraging for bliss.
Your face brushes against my own as we share the primal kiss.
I forget myself in visions of you: regal, graceful, in restful repose.

Passionate lament resounds through the halls of my remembrance.

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