Thursday, November 3, 2011

Heaven and Earth

How warmly, brightly her spirit shines
across his sea of space and shadow.
Her song moves him as the pliant willow,
whispers through him like a breeze through pines.

Cloaked in darkness, She undresses.
Under leather, wool, and cotton
next to her skin, are his caresses;
in ardent cries, her pain forgotten.

Amid the rays of brightest day,
they frolic within streams of light.
Yet, as radiance wanes away,
They sway to rhythms of the night.

Her form is grace and elegance,
primal wisdom, sensuality,
forged from femininity, quenched,
then honed with artful diligence.

Gaia's child devoted, true;
Her vitality is passion.
He is the Son and the Sun of Heaven,
restrained, possessed only by one.

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