Thursday, October 13, 2011

Original Handcrafted Jewelry

Fashioned from copper, hematite, obsidian, amethyst, hemp, and wood; they combine naturally-occurring organic and inorganic materials that together are believed to harness Prana -- life energy.  
(reference Wilhelm Reich (late) on Orgone for more information)

Metals act as conduits for Heaven's ethereal, electric energy.
Crystals, wood, and hemp channel Earth's energy of magnetism, gravitation, and formation.
Hand-fashioning supplies Human energy and power of creativity.

(Each of the photographs in this post depict original artwork by the author)
Triple-stranded, triple-loop ring
Nested hypercubic pendant, obsidian crystal,
wooden beads, hempen cord

Choker necklace of 20 hypercubes,
hematite spheres,wooden beads, on hempen cord

Detailed view of choker necklace

Triple-stranded bracelet

Small hypercubic pendant, hematite sphere,
wooden beads, hempen cord

Complete ensemble

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