Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Tarot of Heaven and Earth

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  1. Heaven is Round,
    Earth is Square,
    Love is Eternal.

    The interpenetration of Action (circle) and Struction (square) gives rise to the Four Symbols or Four Elements from which Humanity is comprised.

    In the context of Humanity, Heaven, symbolized by the circle can represent Mind while Earth's emblem, the square, may symbolize Body.

    The Four symbols each begin with the circle, around which is constructed the square. The circle is then bisected as it is displaced from its central position within the square.
    This suggests the original, unconditioned state of humanity with respect to mind and body, and the consequent decentralization and division of mind into functional hemispheres.

    Chinese cosmology posits the Four Symbols (xiang), direct descendants of the coupling of Heaven (circle) and Earth (square), but ancestors to the Eight Diagrams (ba gua). Tarot also admits to a quaternity of elements, the symbols of which are used on modern playing cards.

    We demonstrate here the correspondence between these traditions. Affinity is displayed along the vertical axes, antagonism along the horizontal, and neutrality on the diagonals.